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How to Make Your Homemade Degreaser

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  • February 17, 2012 10:27 am

Degreasers are famous with their awesome ability to remove grease stains from different surfaces quickly and effectively. There is a huge variety of these commercial sprayers in the store, but also there are some other natural options that you can try to get rid of grease stains in the kitchen.

According to professional cleaners London, it is not necessary to purchase expensive commercial degreasers, because you can make your own homemade grease killer by using only cheap and organic ingredients. So, if you are interested in this opportunity, then continue reading the rest of this article to find out how to make your homemade degreaser in a few simple steps.

1. For the procedure you will need a clean plastic spray bottle. It would be good to purchase a new one from the store, but if you have an empty spray bottle you can use it, as well. Just make sure that the spray bottle is thoroughly clean. For the purpose pour a few drops of your dish-washing liquid into the bottle, then fill it with warm water. Close the cap and shake well. Then rinse the bottle a few times with clean water.

2. The next thing to do is to pour ¼ cup of oil-based soap and about 10-15 drops of some essential oil into the spray bottle. Then you have to shake the bottle to mix the ingredients well. Shake until you see bubbles, this means that the ingredients are well mixed.

3. When you are done with the previous step you have to add 2 cups of hot water to the mixture. After this step soap suds should form, which means that you’ve mixed the ingredients and the hot water.

4. Now when you are done with the mixing, you have to tighten the spray bottle cap. However, before doing the last one, you should leave the bubbles subside first. London cleaning experts say that you can add a few drops of dish-washing liquid to your homemade degreaser, if you want to. Use the mixture to clean your countertop or any other kitchen surface that is affected by grease.

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